Field Trips 2024

Complete your Euro Mine Expo experience with one of our immensely popular field trips. Euro Mine Expo is organized at the heart of Europe’s mining industry, in Skellefteå known as the Gold Town. There are several mines and a smelter within a couple of hours travel from the convention. We offer field trips where you can learn more about mining in the region. The field trips have a separate booking fee and limited seats.

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May 28, 08:00-15:00 | Additional cost: 950 SEK

The HYBRIT technology has the potential to reduce Sweden’s total carbon dioxide emissions by at least ten percent. This is equivalent to one third of the emissions from the industry and may, in the future, help to reduce emissions from iron and steel production globally.

HYBRIT is conducting trials on the direct reduction of iron ore pellets using hydrogen in our pilot plant in Luleå, Sweden. The trials will run during 2020-2024, starting with fossil-free hydrogen in spring 2021. The plant has a direct reduction shaft, where the reduction takes place, and a number of electrolyzers for the production of hydrogen using fossil-free electricity.

The HYBRIT initiative for fossil-free iron and steel production run by SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall is entering a new phase in 2024 with a focus on the production of fossil-free sponge iron on an industrial scale.

Max 20 persons. 
Bus leaves outside Euro Mine Expo (Skellefteå Kraft Arena) 08:00, visit at Hybrit 10:00-12:00, back at Euro Mine Expo 15:00. Lunch is included. 

Hosted by Hybrit Development AB

(photo by Åsa Bäcklin)



May 28, 08:00-12:30 | Additional cost: 950 SEK

The Björkdal mine, Skellefteå started in 1988 and produces gold from the underground operation and from processing previously mined lower grade stockpiles.

In 2023, the Björkdal Mine produced 42,148 ounces of gold. Production guidance for 2024 is between 43000-47000 oz.

The underground mine currently exceeds a depth of 500 meter and is expanding with approximately 8 000 meters of tunnel annually.

Max 12 persons. Bus leaves outside Euro Mine Expo (Skellefteå Kraft Arena) 08:00, visit at Björkdal Mine 09:30-11:30, back at Euro Mine Expo 12:30. Fika is included. 

Hosted by Mandalay Resources

The Boliden Area

May 28, 08:00-11:00 | Additional cost: 950 SEK


The Boliden Area has been operating for 100 years producing among others copper, zinc, gold, silver and lead. The visit will take place at the Boliden Area concentrator, where ore are refined to concentrate and transported to the Boliden Rönnskär smelter. The Boliden Area concentrator receives ore from three separate mines in Västerbotten; Kankberg, Kristineberg and Renström. During 2022, the concentrator produced around 1 900 ktonnes of milled ore.  

Max 20 persons. Bus leaves outside Euro Mine Expo (Skellefteå Kraft Arena) 08:00, visit at the Boliden Area concentrator 08:30-10:30, back at Euro Mine Expo 11:00. Fika is included.

Hosted by Boliden

National Drill Core Archive of Sweden

May 28, 08:00-15:00 | Additional cost: 950 SEK

SGU’s National Drill Core collection consists of more than 4 million metres of drill core from more than 21 000 boreholes from all over Sweden. New drill cores are continuously added. The National Drill Core collection covers an area of  10000 square meters and is located near SGU’s Mineral Resources Information Office in Malå.

The visitors will be guided through the whole facility with drill holes aging from 1898 until now. Different core-boxes will be shown in one of the three logging-rooms.

Max 50 persons. Bus leaves outside Euro Mine Expo (Skellefteå Kraft Arena) 08:00, visit at Drill Core Archive 10:00-12:00, back at Euro Mine Expo 15:00. Lunch is included.  

Hosted by SGU Geological Survey of Swedish 

Exploratoriet Skellefteå Science Centre

May 28, 08:30-10:30, 10:00-12:00 | Additional cost: 290 SEK

Metal Smart – from discovery to future

Visit Exploratoriet, Skellefteå Science Center. Here you can experience interactive exhibitions where we invite you to discover, experience and explore. In the exhibition Metal Smart we, in an interacting way, visualise the need of metals in the green transition and how for example prospecting, enrichment, restoration and circularity work.
During the visit you will listen to information about the creation of Metal Smart, see the exhibition and have time to explore the Science Center.

Max 45 persons per group. Group 1: Bus leaves outside Euro Mine Expo (Skellefteå Kraft Arena) 08:30, visit at the Exploratoriet 09:00-10:00, back at Euro Mine Expo 10:30. Group 2: Bus leaves outside Euro Mine Expo (Skellefteå Kraft Arena) 10:00, visit at the Exploratoriet 10:30-11:30, back at Euro Mine Expo 12:00.

Hosted by Exploratoriet Skellefteå Science Center


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