Welcome to Euro Mine Expo

Want to take part of the latest insights and technological breakthroughs within mining? Connect and network with industry insiders? You’re in the right spot.

Join us for a unique blend of trade fair and conference right in Swedens mining epicenter.

Skellefteå, Sweden

28 - 30 May 2024

What is Euro Mine Expo?

Euro Mine Expo is a mining trade show and conference held in Skellefteå, Sweden every other year. It provides a platform for professionals from the mining industry to gather, exchange knowledge, and showcase the latest technologies and innovations in mining. The expo attracts participants from around the world, making it a global platform for sharing ideas and fostering collaboration within the mining community.

Euro Mine Tech Talks

Euro Mine Expo is more than just a great trade fair. It’s also the host of Euro Mine Tech Talks a high quality conference. Listen to industry leaders and innovators as they share the latest advances, techniques and insights from the past two years of mining.

A Tradition of Excellence in "The Gold City"

Set against the backdrop of Skellefteå, known as ”The Gold City,” this event takes place in a region with a rich mining and smelting tradition. Skellefteå’s legacy, combined with a world-class industrial sector, sets the stage for Euro Mine Expo to be the epicenter of mining excellence.

The Heart of Sweden's Mining Legacy

Sweden stands tall as the largest iron-ore producer in the EU, a leading producer of gold, silver, zinc, copper, and lead. Euro Mine Expo unfolds in the very region where tradition and history intertwine with technical development and innovative ideas.

4 good reasons to exhibit at Euro Mine Expo

Aims for more than 2000 participants
nations represented
of the participants are decision makers and influencers
25 %

Trade fair sold out!

Do you wish to exhibit at Euro Mine Expo? Hurry up, as we have only a very limited number of booths left.


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