One Space Solution AB

One Space Solution AB is Distributor for  European manufacturers providing environmentally friendly, high quality equipment and solutions to the industry.

Our mission is to primarily deliver equipment to help our customers achieve more efficient and sustainable processes, cost-effectively with precision and safety in focus.

For a greener and smarter industry Among other things, we provide the industry with Rhosonics ultrasonic technology for in-line measurements.  Real-time process data allows operators to achieve process optimization in a safe, reliable, sustainable and cost-effective manner.  It is part of how we contribute to a greener and smarter industry.

In close cooperation with our customers, we use all our experience and technical expertise to supply the industry with advanced measuring equipment and solutions that breathe quality throughout.  To always keep a high functional value with our customers in mind.  Our key customers work in the processing and manufacturing industries. since we are a part of MCES-group we have the opportunity to partner up with manufacturers who is interested to reach out to MCES-markets. MCES AB who is the official representative of a number of international companies on the markets Ukraine and Central Asia.

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