Visitors guide to Euro Mine Expo

Conference venue - Skellefteå Kraft Arena, Mossgatan 27
Hotels & Travel - note that hotels in Piteå are less than 1 hour with car/bus and there is a complimentary transfer bus, you can also fly in/out from Arlanda as the airline fees are low
Exhibitor list - set up your "My Show" account and plan who to meet at the expo
Floor plan - a great way to find your way around
Program overview - so you can plan your schedule, conference program - quick link
Social Events - don't miss them, great food, great people - see you there!
Networking & Matchmaking event - sign up to pre-book your business meetings - it's free of charge
Opening hours - don't be late!
Registration - all about tickets & pricing and how to register
Free wifi - network EuroMineExpo and password Event2018

How to become a professional Euro Mine Expo visitor and make the most out of your trip
1. Plan your schedule
- What exhibitors should you meet? Review the exhibtor listing and floor plan and make a route
- What sessions do you like to participate in, field trips, conference, open sessions? Check out the program and decide what to sign up for.
- Plan for late evenings as the social events are a great way to network and have food at the same time.
- Sign up for the networking & matchmaking event to pre-book your business meetings.
2. Register for Euro Mine Expo
3. Reserve flights & accomodation
4. Pack comfy shoes!

Take a short walk or a morning run before breakfast, perhaps along the river. Enjoy the peaceful and friendly North of Sweden with clean air and hopefully sunshine. The temperature can vary between 5-25 degrees celcius in June.
No need for a car, as our transfer buses are ready to take you to the Convention centre. Have your ticket ready (either printed or in your phone), pass through the registration gates, get your badge and you are ready to do business at Euro Mine Expo. Drink lots of water, the tap water is crystal clear and OK to drink. There are also water fountains and coffee shops available. Don't forget lunch!
Spare time? - Check out things to do in the Skellefteå Area.
Welcome & enjoy your stay at Euro Mine Expo!