Field trips 2022

Complete your Euro Mine Expo experience with one of our immensely popular field trips. Euro Mine Expo is organized at the heart of Europe's mining industry, in Skellefteå known as the Gold Town. There are several mines and a smelter within a couple of hours travel from the convention. We offer field trips where you can learn more about mining in the region, both underground and open pit. The field trips have a separate booking fee and limited seats.

Kaunis Iron - fully booked!

June 13, 10:00-18:00 | Additional cost: 800SEK

The iron ore mine in Kaunisvaara, Pajala municipality, is Sweden's latest Green field mine and was restarted by Kaunis Iron AB in 2018. The journey from a pristine marshland to a modern mining area with its construction time, start, bankruptcy and restart is a unique piece of contemporary history.
You will be able to visit the mine, hear about the mining production and the company’s vision about how they want to develop the world’s most sustainable iron ore, as well as hear the story of how a small sparsely populated municipality with a long-standing population decline, gathered together and equipped to host on of Sweden's largest industrial project in modern history. What did they do? How did the community and the mining company cooperate to bring investments of billions in infrastructure and construction to the region? And how do they work to attract labour to the mine? How do the municipality's representatives view the opportunities and challenges of the future in connection with the mine? Join us on a trip to one of Sweden's most modern open pit mines.

Kaunisvaara Folkets Hus HAYDAY, MAYDAY and TODAY – The history and future of mining in Pajala.
Site visit to the Kaunisvaara mine area.
All safety gear needed for the mine visit will be provided.

Note: You may be picked up at Pajala Airport/Pajala busstation by bus. All other transportations must be arranged by the visitor itself. 

Hosted by Kaunis Iron AB and GEORANGE/Arcticcon


June 13, 8:00-16:00 | Additional cost: 800SEK

Kristineberg came into operation in 1940 and is the oldest mine operating in the area. The polymetallic ore contains zinc, copper, lead, gold and silver, as well as gold/copper, and is mainly extracted using the cut-and-fill method.

Bus from Skellefteå Kraft Arena 08:00, back at 16:00. 

Hosted by Boliden

Björkdalsgruvan - fully booked!

June 14, 08:00-12:00 | Additional cost: 800SEK


Experience the Björkdal gold mine. The Björkdal mine, Skellefteå started in 1988 and produces gold from the underground operation and from already mined stock pile. The mine is one of Europe’s largest gold mines. In 2019, the Björkdal Mine produced 50,500 ounces of gold from 1.3 million tons of ore. The underground mine currently exceeds a depth of 500 meter and is expanding with approximately 8 000 meters of tunnel annually.

Bus from Skellefteå Kraft Arena 08:00, back at 12:00. 

Hosted by Mandalay Resources

Kankberg - fully booked!

June 14, 8:00-12:00 | Additional cost: 800SEK


Kankberg is a zinc and copper mine that last was in production in the 1990’s, when the gold and tellurium deposits also were discovered. Production started in mid 2012. 

Bus from Skellefteå Kraft Arena 08:00, back at 12:00. 

Hosted by Boliden

Renström - fully booked!

June 14, 8:00-12:00 | Additional cost: 800SEK

Gruva, Boliden

The Renström mine, which started operations in 1952, is currently Sweden’s deepest mine with a deep ramp at the 1,500 m level. The ore is polymetallic with zinc, copper, lead, gold and silver, and is extracted using the cut-and-fill method.

Bus from Skellefteå Kraft Arena 08:00, back at 12:00. 

Hosted by Boliden

Northvolt - fully booked!

June 14, 8:00-12:00 (1 hour/visit) | Additional cost: 290SEK

In 2017, we announced a bold and simple plan: to enable the future of energy by developing the world’s greenest battery cell and establish a European supply of batteries. With the establishment of Northvolt Ett, we are writing world history and taking large steps towards a more sustainable future. Northvolt Ett is the first factory that gathers all of the battery production under one roof. We call it vertical integration.

The first battery at Ett was assembled in late 2021, and now we are moving with determination towards scale up and expansion. Now you have the opportunity to see the giga factory where the world’s greenest battery cells will be produced, and learn more about the project, the application of vertical integration, regional collaborations, and our plans for the future expansion here in Skellefteå.

The factory is currently in a commissioning phase and a majority of the areas are closed off for installation and testing. Therefore, the presentation will be held on the view point outside the site, with a good overview of the factory buildings.

The visit takes one hour, and there's time slots to choose from between 8:00-12:00. 

Bus from Skellefteå Kraft Arena, back in one hour. 

Hosted by Northvolt