Risto Hiljanen

Risto will speak in the Key-Note Session Sustainability in Action on the topic Real time monitoring for efficient water treatment and environmental safety while reducing operational cost.

The presentation will be focusing on how modern, real time online monitoring can be used for improving water management and environmental safety in mines. This covers for example water balance, discharge control, ground water management, dam safety, early warning system, flow control and water quality control. In the presentation there are told about ways, how IoT and digitalization is having more and more important role in mining sector and how it can be used to help mines to solve their challenges.

About Risto: About 25 years experience in water related issues and environmental real time online monitoring.  I have been working for Finnish environmental authority, for energy sector and for research and education. I have been 15 years as CEO of EHP Environment Ltd. and have been participated in monitoring projects in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Turkey, Russia and China. My education is M.Sc in water and environmental engineering,  B. Sc in civil engineering and I also have diploma in marketing.