Arturo Gutiérrez de Olmo

Arturo Gutiérrez de Olmo is a qualified mining engineer and environmental scientist with 25 years’ experience in the planning, development and management of mining projects with particular emphasis on environmental engineering and waste management. His background experience in mining includes both underground and surface mining and covers all phases of the development cycle from project development to commissioning, operation and closure working in close liaison with owners and investors in providing permitting and operational support

His leadership role has allowed him to be deeply involved in all type of industrial activities. Has manage auditing teams delivering assurance and advisory services to internal audit clients on environmental compliance and operational control issues, offering proficiency in auditing standards during the execution of assigned work assignments.

mr. Gutiérrez de Olmo will speak on the topic "Tailings as a resource" on Wednesday June 13 in the Key Note Address Session Sustainability in Action.

The management of Tailings storage facilities (TSF) is a growing challenge for the mining industry given its social implications and the restrictions to access water and soil resources. Current mining, processing and waste disposal strategies are moving from the traditional mineral resource economic assessment to an integrated assessment framework evaluating resources usage, production of additional saleable or usable streams, alternative tailings treatment and disposal as well as options for reuse, recycling and preprocessing of existing tailings. Tailings shall not be viewed as a final waste product but as part of the resource.

From the sustainability perspective models shall be developed to assess different scenarios and potential processes, leading to better environmental management, improved efficiency of water and energy use and thus more responsible resource stewardship of the ore resource.

The presentation is aiming to provide a throughout overview of tailings management processes from design to closure. The talk will introduce the aforementioned approach, review the technologies available and present different case studies on integrated tailings management.