Speaker info


Timing: Presentations are scheduled for 20 minutes if not already agreed a different time. Please note that questions from the moderator and audience will be handled at the end of the sessions, or directly in connection to your presentation if there is time. 

Templates: You may use your own template for the presentation.

Room and facilities: All sessions will be held in the main conference room in the conference floor at Skellefteå Kraft Arena. The conference room is equipped with laptop, standard audio equipment such as speakers, microphones (headset and hand held microphones), projector, screen and a stage including chairs for panel discussions. In case you like to utilize other equipment, please let us know well in advance. 

Seating in the conference room: The front rows will be reserved for speakers.

Meeting point and meeting the moderator: Speakers on Tuesday & Wednesday morning will meet at 9.00AM in the morning of the presentation, and at 12.00AM for those who have presentations in the afternoon. Speakers on Thursday morning will meet at 8.30AM Thursday morning. Meeting point is at the Service Center at the Entrance of the Expo. If you can`t attend, please email info@euromineexpo.com and the moderator will contact you. 

Coffee break / leg stretcher Detailed time schedule will be set up and times for breaks will be set when the program is complete. It´s going to be about 40-50 minutes between each break.