Networking lounge 2018

During the opening hours of Euro Mine Expo you have the opportunity to set up prebooked meetings with potential business partners, customers, suppliers and vendors.
Easy to use, quick to start and lots of possibilities to be even more efficient by scheduling your meetings beforehand.

With an intuitive user interface and in-built match of interest our networking app is a great way to do business.

The networking lounge is also open for spontaneous meetings and you find it on the first floor, between Zinc Hall and Copper Hall. Coffee/tea is available for all booked meetings.

Opening hours

Tuesday June 12 9.00-18.00 (9.00-10.00 only for exhibitors and delegates)
Wednesday June 13 9.00-17.00 (9.00-10.00 only for exhibitors and delegates)
Thursday June 14 9.00-15.00

Become more efficient - pre-schedule your one to one meetings - utilize our new software platform - sign in with your LinkedIn account (or other accounts), set up your profile and start doing business.
The meetings takes place in the networking lounge, located just outside the Copper Hall.
Now is your chance to find out who will be at at the event thanks to our private networking tool. With the help of the Brella software, you can easily see who is attending, plan your day, and schedule 1-to-1 meetings.

Step 1 - Sign In
Sign in to the community by clicking here. It works on every device and you don’t have to download anything. The event code is eme18

Step 2 - About Yourself
Each person answers a few questions about themselves and who they would like to meet (offering and seeking). After this, Brella's unique algorithm recommends the most relevant connections for you.

Step 3 - View Attendees
Scroll through the connections and begin scheduling your meetings.

Step 4 - Book Meetings
Once you find a person with whom you would like to meet, click on Suggest Meeting. After clicking you can select a potential time.

Step 5 - Download the Brella App
Download the App from the App Store & Google Play - and use our code eme18 to join us.

If the other person accepts your request, you will be given a designated table to meet at in the Networking Area. You can find a map in the ‘Event Info’ tab of Brella.