Penetrative X-Ray analysis and 3D-tomography of geological materials for improved efficiency in exploration and mining

Tuesday June 12, 13.00-14.00, Main Conference Hall, 2nd floor.

Partners from the X-MINE project will demonstrate how new advancements in the use and combination of penetrative XRF-technology in combination with tomography enables structural and chemical analysis of entire volumes of NQ drill core and geological particles, and how the new technology can be applied to exploration and in mining.

The X-MINE, H2020-funded project is collaboration between organizations in Finland (VTT Oy, Advacam Oy), Poland (Antmicro, Comex), Bulgaria (Assarel Medet Jsc.), Czech Republic (Advacam s.r.o.), Greece (Hellas Gold S.A.), Cyprus (Hellenic Copper Mines Ltd), Romania (Institutul Geologic Al Romaniei), Sweden (Orexplore AB, Uppsala University, Geological Survey of Sweden, Lovisagruvan AB and Bergskraft) and Australia (Swick Mining Services Ltd).

In the presentation, technology, goals and mile stone results from the projects three main tasks will be demonstrated;

1) Penetrative XRF-scanning and 3D-tomographic imaging and assaying of exploration drill core

2) Utilization of tomographic imagery and structural information in local-, to regional, 3D geological modelling

3) Implementation of penetrative XRF-tomography and assaying in sorting of ore from waste in four different mining operations

The project is a unique cooperation between partners active in mineral exploration, mineral production, geological mapping and experts in development of highly advanced analytical instruments and process solutions. The consortium will develop tailor-made methods to streamline exploration and to reduce handling of waste rock and is expected to contribute to enhanced efficiency in mining, reducing the environmental impact from transport, ore processing and chemical handling in the recovery of base and precious metals as well as result in lower costs per produced amount of metal.

Total budget during the three-year project is € 11.9M and the European Union contributes € 9.3M.

Stefan Sädbom, Exploration Geologist
X-MINE project, Lovisagruvan AB, Orexplore AB and Bergskraft Bergslagen AB

Kevin Rebenius, CEO
X-MINE project, Orexplore AB

Ronald Arvidsson, Geologist 
X-MINE project, Geological Survey of Sweden

Jacek Kolacz, CEO
X-MINE project, COMEX Group