The capabilities for digital twin and digital thread by Siemens Digital Industries Software help all stakeholders in the mining ecosystem gain confidence in product and process innovation.

In a smart mining setting, for example, applications such as connectivity and autonomous operation only make sense if all equipment can participate. You will need to upgrade your products and processes, while securing daily business.

The digital twin and digital thread capabilities from Siemens can help you:

  • master complexity and thereby accelerate the delivery of innovative equipment and capabilities
  • manage collaboration and data streams between stakeholders and assets
  • predict the outcome of initiatives through simulation and provide ESG proof points to investors, partners, and governments
  • Accelerate the electrification of mining equipment

Digitalization for Heavy Equipment Industry 4.0

Heavy equipment manufacturers are developing high-performance machinery with new sensor technology and alternative materials. Along with the need to extend the product lifecycle, manufacturers face many challenges: global competition, multi-site manufacturing, compressed development cycles, total-cost-of-ownership reductions, fuel economy, and regulatory emissions standards. These challenges require an integrated set of design, simulation and manufacturing tools that are managed in a unified and integrated environment.

Digitalization for the Mining Industry

Siemens Digital Industries Software offers energy and utilities owners and operators, utility service companies, and equipment manufacturers a broad suite of best practice-driven software solutions that facilitate supply chain collaboration in the design, construction, maintenance and retirement of mission-critical energy and utilities assets.