Jama Mining Machines AB

Our origin is 70 years back in time.. An almost equally long and close cooperation with the northern mining industry has today made ​​us a world leading manufacturer of products designed for the international mining industry.

Along with unparalleled efficiency and safety, our heavy machinery a working environment and comfort for many years been one step ahead of both competitors and legislation. Innovative thinking, coupled with advanced engineering skills over the years has resulted in several patents and international awards. It has also meant that our products have sometimes no competition when we were the only manufacturer that managed to meet the stringent directives, new standards or market requirements.

Full control of the process from design to finished product is obvious to us and in our ongoing efforts towards the highest possible quality, we have now introduced an automated component handling and upgraded production environment that enables multiple parallel production lines. This has not only allowed us to reduce our delivery times but also the only manufacturer in the industry able to lower our spare parts prices.