Jama Mining Machines AB

Innovation for underground

Jama’s leading position as an innovative force in mining machinery has always been based on closeness to the end user and an understanding of the challenges that exist in the mining industry. In fact, this is how it all began more than 70 years ago, when the visionary miner Torbjörn Bask in the Västerbotten inland started the mechanical workshop that over time has developed into today’s Jama. The ambition was to utilize their own experiences from the years in the mining industry and, in close cooperation with customers, develop mining machines that maximize the opportunities for efficient, safe and profitable production. An ambition that has been central to the company over the years.

Today, Jama works closely with several of the Swedish mining industry’s largest players, who have an internationally prominent position in the industry. With valuable insights from the core of the mining industry, there is continuous development, both in terms of the products and Jama as a company. At the R&D department, the industry’s leading experts in product development work to develop the mining machines of the future and the team succeeds year after year in challenging the boundaries of what is possible.

Properties such as efficiency, safety, working environment and comfort continue to characterize Jama’s mining machines, together creating the characteristic Jama quality. In addition, the company’s R&D team is at the forefront internationally in the environment-driven development, where the vision of battery-powered mining machines both has been realized and continues to be developed.   

Jama’s head office is located in Skellefteå in the north of Sweden and the products are sold directly to customers or through distributor networks around the world.

Jama Mining Machines