Euro Mine Expo hosted panel at Load Up North

The panel was hosted by Euro Mine Expo, Georange and Load Up North and gathered spokespersons from the forest industry, mining industry and the sami people.
The aim was to discuss what to do to solve conflicts regarding land use. What is needed to move forward?

Ulf Sandström, VP of Skoglig samverkan in Norrbotten set the scene by presenting the Norrbotten deklaration from 2009. 12 of 15 municipalities in the county of Norrbotten signed the agreement with goals on growth, biological diversity, strengthened raw materials supply and refinement in Norrbotten.

Börje Stenlund, Malå Sameby, was clear on that early dialog was the key to solve issues. We often have to say no due to not having the time it takes to come to a solution. Börje also asked for a dialog covering all land use, not only mines and forestry. Vindmills, roads, railroads - all affect us.

Christian Rimpi, Jokkmokks Allmänning talked about speeding up processes in order to quickly reach solutions to avoid loss of business for both parties.

Stina Eriksson, LKAB asked to trust the processes and legislation, the legislation in Sweden has become very strong when it comes to protect the environment. Land use is also not only a question for a few parties, it is something that concerns all people living in an area, it is not only up to one or two parties to decide what is best.

The panel was chaired by Sverker Olofsson and the question on how to solve land use conflicts will be revisited going forward and hopefully together with representatives for the tourist industry, nature protection groups, wind power, railroads etc.