Become a successful exhibitor

Before starting with your booth design, discuss the purpose and goal with your participation - there can be multiple goals, however it could be good to focus on one or a few things.

Typical goals

  • Extend your current network
  • Maintain existing business network
  • Generate leads
  • Present new concepts/products/services
  • Explore new products
  • Find new employees
  • Find new business partners, resellers
  • Strengthen your brand

Target Group & Message

Next step is to define your target group - who are you going to reach?
Define what message you like to share with them?

Make use of all channels

Utilize as many channels as possible, your booth is one of many channels available at a trade fair.

  • Your booth
  • The exhibtior directory
  • Presetations/seminars/workshops held at the fair
  • Visiting your customers/partners in their booth
  • Advertising in the trade fair Magazine
  • Sponsoring the event
  • Arranging business meeting at a hospitality suite

Design your booth to support your message

Things to consider when designing your booth:

  • Based on your message, try to be innovative, stand out from the crowd but still reinforce your message and brand values
  • Should the booth be used for meetings/chats or rather display a specific message?
  • How many people do you like to entertain in the booth? Chairs, table or stand up meetings?
  • What activities and/or giveaways support your message and helps you achieve your goals?
  • Use all senses to create a lasting impression. Color, lights, scents or a taste of your brand via a selected snack?
  • Listen to the visitors and understand their challenges before telling them what you do.
  • The staff must be experts on your message, staff training before the show is a great way to get everyone on the same page.
  • The booth needs also to serve as a workplace, make it practical (storage, coat hangers, power outlets)
  • Check out competition and listen to their messages, use them to improve yours.
  • Activities are great for collecting leads, however, design them to collect the right leads.


Follow up and improve

Daily staff meetings to summarize and plan is a great way to fine tune your apperance during the trade fair.

After the trade fair, make sure to plan for follow up, both for internal purposes but mainly with your collected leads. A quick follow up is key to a great impression and potential buisness.



Good luck and welcome to Euro Mine Expo!