Exhibitor Innovation Forum

Exhibitor Innovation Forum

Visitors at Euro Mine Expo are looking for new business opportunities. By presenting your offering you might be just the right partner they are looking for!
Make sure to be represented at the Exhibitor Innovation Forum with your most important messages.

Each seminar is 20 minutes including questions and set up. All seminars will be filmed and the video made available to the audience after the Trade Show at www.euromineexpo.com.

Exhibitors interested in being represented at the Exhibitor Innovation Forum must notify the organizers no later than June 1st, 2020. Last date for the printed Trade Fair Catalogue is April 20, 2020.
Applications are handled on a first come, first served basis.
Price per mini-seminar is SEK 2500 (VAT Ex).
Available times for mini-seminars will be Tuesday 10:00-17.00, Wednesday 10:00-17:00 and Thursday 9:00-12:00.

Applications should indicate:

– Headline: ”Notification of interest” – Exhibitors’ mini-seminars
– Exhibitor: name, address, postcode, city, country, phone and e-mail address
– Presenter: name and title
– Title of the mini-seminar

Application should be sent to: info@euromineexpo.com


How to create a great presentation?

First of all – Identify your target audience, the purpose and result you want to accomplish with your presentation.

Worth noticing is that customer cases always work really well. It’s interesting to hear about your products, solutions, services being applied in a real case. If your customers are willing to present together with you, well then you have a great reference.

Revealing a new product/service/solution generates interest, so if you have a launch coming up – make sure to time it with Euro Mine Expo 2018.

Then use the ground rules of rhetoric’s and get to work with composing your presentation.

Collect the material, create the disposition of the presentation including intro, story, argumentation and wrap up. Then create a manuscript on what you want to say.

The title is important, as it sets the frame for what you are to present. Informative, but also eye catching. A well-known trick is to wait with setting the title until you have the presentation ready, then the title usually comes by itself.

Rehearse the presentation a few times and consider how to deliver the message.

You should build trust, present facts and logics as well as appeal to audience’s feelings. Story telling is popular for a reason, as it does not only involve facts, it also activates different parts of our brains and thus create a more lasting impression.

When it comes to way of presenting, PowerPoint is familiar and easy, however it does not stand out. So, consider if you will need a slide deck, if so, then think – “less is more”. Your first slide should generate interest and buzz, then no more than 4-5 slides for a 15 minute presentation. You can always have a more comprehensive slide deck attached to the presentation made available to the audience for reading later on.

Avoid filling the slides with text and charts. Use large fonts, no more than 15 words per slide. If you present a graphic, chart or similar, just have one chart on the slide. This enables for the audience to listen to you, not read your slides. If you want to share details, do that in a hand out, or in the presentation made available to all visitors at Euro Mine Expo.

You have 15 minutes, battle the audience’s urge to check e-mails by keeping your presentation short, the key items first and why not engage the audience with questions or tasks?

Good luck with your presentation!