Matthias Wimmer

Dr Matthias Wimmer is the Manager for Mining Technology at LKAB´s Kiruna mine. He is for more than 10 years with LKAB and has worked several years as a Senior Researcher on various projects which aimed to increase efficiency in production in the underground mines. During that time, he has also been involved in international projects such as the MMT (Mass Mining Technology) research project, and in European-funded research projects, such as I2Mine and the most recent being Real-Time Mining.

Matthias Wimmer graduated from the University of Leoben in Austria as a Mining Engineer in 2006. During his studies he worked at various mine and tunneling sites in Central Europe. He commenced his professional career with working for the Swedish Blasting Research Centre (Swebrec) at Luleå University of Technology in Sweden. His research was awarded a PhD in the subject of Rock Mechanics & Rock Engineering. Matthias Wimmer still works closely together with academia. Amongst others, he supervises student theses and gives lectures both at the Universities in Leoben and Luleå in the field of underground mass mining methods. He has authored and co-authored more than 30 journal and conference papers throughout the years.

Matthias technical expertise is the selection and design of underground mining methods, and more specifically drill and blast designs, fragmentation and gravity flow of broken rock mass.

Photo: Fredric Alm