Jonas Ranggård

In 2018 Boliden did a presentation at Euro Mine Expo on the plans to build a trolley assist pilot in Aitik. It turned out to be a great success, the trolley line showed great availability, proving that it is possible to achieve large CO2-savings while increasing productivity. Boliden have now refined the technology further and decided to invest 30 MEUR in implementing trolley assist on a larger scale not only in Aitik but also Kevitsa.

Jonas has managed Boliden Mines Energy Program since 2015. In this role he is responsible for Boliden Mine’s R&D within energy and CO2 saving actions. Jonas had an important role in the trolley assist pilot in Aitik as well as the ongoing trolley expansion projects in Aitik and Kevitsa.

He has a Master of Science in energy engineering from Umeå University