Edward Bardo

Industry Experience 

1.Came to AspenTech from Komatsu/Modular Mining, one of the largest optimization software suppliers to mining and also the 2nd largest supplier of mining equipment worldwide.

2.Let a global sales team in mining for almost a decade building key partnerships and relationships across all levels of mining customers and vendors

3.Member of many mining industry standards groups including the International Council on Mining and Metals and the Earth Movers Equipment Safety Round Table

4.Establish a global deal with Anglo American to supply software/hardware solutions to every mine in the Anglo portfolio

5.I was part of the technology advisory board for Rio Tinto as well as the P101 initiative team in Anglo American

Sales Results

1.Directed all sales and commercial activities within Latin America and the Caribbean for the world’s largest remote sensing equipment provider

2.Developed and sold key software used within the electric power industry for tracking specific electrical outages on transmission and distribution lines.

3.Led Komatsu/Modular Mining’s Global Sales team selling software solutions for mining companies worldwide. Expanded our position as the majority market share lead in mining.

4.Led Komatsu sales and technical initiatives in promoting Komatsu safety technology in mining vehicles

Technology Background

1.Education in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

2.Developer level experience in many software platforms.

3.Project lead in deploying software and networked solutions worldwide.

4.Expertise in networking security, SQL databases, and UNIX platforms.

5.Technical member of several mining standards group and involved in ISO standards for mining

6.Admin level knowledge of IT and networking technologies and IOT.